what’s cocon?

opencocon (cocon) is little GNU/Linux distribution optimized for Thin-client purpose. It is useful to re-use old computer (maybe..), because response speed is faster than standalone use.

Unique feature of cocon:

  • No desktop environment : All desktop environment from host computer
  • No user save-able area
  • Support late-90′ PCs (Windows 9x generation)

Our development goal is:

  • Utilize old computer with Thin-clients
  • Running at least 32MB of memory, 150MB of Disk space
  • Support PC, PPC Macintosh, Some ARM-based hardware
  • Easy deploy, portable, long-term use


Our history begins research based project, 400 Synchronized Damien (Damien400) from 2008. It tried minimum case of thin client environment and check compatibility. After released Damien-20090220, started change base distribution from Slackware to OpenEmbedded and and now opencocon.

Developing speed was very slow becasuse personal project of Hirofumi. You can view past publication (almost Japanese) about Damien400 and cocon.